Overview Of Our Agricultural Films
Our mulches represent the future: thinner, stronger, durable, environmentally-friendly and economical. We also offer integrated post management and yield enhancement films, which also offer all the benefits of traditional mulch films. Their performance has been scientifically proven and certified by environmental authorities.
CAN-GROW - Mulch Films
for mulched raised bed fruit and vegetable production. Available in ≥ 0.6 mil advanced XSB quality matching ≥ 0.9 mil common LD mulch film performance.
CAN-SHINE - Insect Repellent Mulches
Metallized, UV-reflective films for conventional and organic fruit and vegetable production for additional insect and disease control
SHINE N'RIPE- Insect Repellent Fumigation Films
Metallized, UV-reflective fumigation films with additional insect and disease control for mulched fruit and vegetable production
These are herbicide releasing mulches providing highly efficacious control of broadleaves and sedges, simple application features and exceptional user safety.
Can-Eco – Compostable Mulch Films
Provide the same benefits like traditional mulches. Available in ≥ 0.6 mil gauges in black as standard mulch or as high-reflective metalized crop protection film for add-on insect repellency, growth acceleration yield boost as well as barrier film for bio fumigants
Shine'N Ripe XL -Insect Repellent Film
This is specially designed long-lasting, UV-reflective metallized mulch for insect and disease control in citrus groves and stone fruit orchards.An advanced anti-corrosion coating protects its metallic layer and extends its ability to repel insects and to stimulate tree growth for years. Initial studies by the University of Florida affirm that SHINE N’ RIPE XLis more effective in the prevention of citrus greening (HLB) than chemical insecticides.
CAN-BLOCK TIF Fumigation Films
for fumigated mulched raised bed fruit and vegetable production. Available in ≥ 0.8 mil in advanced XSB quality and 1 mil common LD quality with EVOH Barrier

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