Certificate of product integrity Certificate of product integrity

Imaflex is committed to excellence in meeting the needs of North America’s food growers. Our commitment to you is shown by the films we have created, and those we strive to create through ongoing research and development.  Each film is unique, made to exacting formulations, using virgin resins peculiar to the characteristics we wish to attain. Our quality process demands that the film you ordered yesterday, today, and tomorrow, will always be made of the same resins and formulations so that the same specifications are achieved. Every invoice will have our Certificate of Product Integrity which is your confirmation that we have verified the film formulation prior to shipping it to you.


While Imaflex guarantees that the film shipped to you will meet Imaflex’s documented specifications, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer/grower/end user (BUYER) to determine whether these products (FILM) are appropriate and safe for his/her intended use and specific application. Most risks associated with use of FILM are beyond Imaflex’s control.


RISKS OF USE  It is the sole responsibility of BUYER to determine whether FILM is appropriate and safe for his/her intended use or application.  Before using FILM, BUYER must make his/her own determination and assessment of the suitability and safety of FILM for the specific use in question and is advised to heed all warnings and instructions but is further advised against relying exclusively on the information contained herein as it may relate to specific use or application.  Crop injury, lack of performance, or other unintended consequences may result from use of the FILM in a manner inconsistent with instructions, from abnormal growing conditions, e.g., unfavorable temperatures or soil conditions, excessive rainfall, drought, presence of other materials in or near the surrounding environment, the manner of application of FILM or other factors, all of which are beyond the control of IMAFLEX.  It is the sole and ultimate responsibility of the BUYER to ensure that FILM is suited for BUYER’S intended use and specific application.



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