Shine'N Ripe XL -Insect Repellent Film This is specially designed long-lasting, UV-reflective metallized mulch for insect and disease control in citrus groves and stone fruit orchards.An advanced anti-corrosion coating protects its metallic layer and extends its ability to repel insects and to stimulate tree growth for years. Initial studies by the University of Florida affirm that SHINE N’ RIPE XLis more effective in the prevention of citrus greening (HLB) than chemical insecticides.

 Shine N' Ripe XL is a heavy-duty, UV reflective mulch for citrus groves, specially designed to last several years and to repel the Asian citrus psyllid insects (ACP) that transmit the citrus greening disease.

The results of two experimental and two commercial trials established by the University of Florida in the past 4 years showed that Shine N' Ripe XL with its proprietary anti-corrosion coating :

is more effective than chemical insecticides in preventing citrus greening infestation of young citrus trees in nurseries

accelerates growth of young citrus trees significantly compared to reference non-mulched trees on the same nutrition and chemigation program

ensures high-UV-reflectivity levels required for ACP repellency as well as outdoor stability for more than 3 years



•Heavy duty 3 mil film quality for walk-on-stability

• ≥ 3 year outdoor stability

• Easy application and removal

• Maintains ≥ 80 % UV, Photosynthetically Active (PAR), and Heat (IR) reflectivity over time

• Accelerates growth of young citrus trees according to UFL-SWREC data

• Available in common widths in black for additional weed co



• Enduring UV-reflectivity impairs ability of the Asian Citrus Psyllid to locate citrus trees

• Reduces early life infestation and delays the onset of citrus greening in later life

• More efficient, economically viable and environmentally friendly than insecticides

• Stimulates early maturity, improved fruit coloration and fruit quality in Citrus, Peach and Apple production according to scientific studies

• Suitable also for Strawberry Greenhouse Winter Production



Shine N' Ripe XL delays/prevents infestation while increasing growth, making it an essential, viable and  environmentally-friendly integrated pest management tool for controlling citrus greening.


Imaflex is a partner in a Coca-Cola project for the controlled delivery of new biological treatments from Shine N' Ripe XL for the cure of citrus greening in older.







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