Can-Eco – Compostable Mulch Films These are compostable plastic mulches for horticultural production providing the same advantages and benefits like traditional mulches. Available in ≥ 0.6 mil gauges, common widths and colors; optionally as high-reflective metalized mulch to stimulate plant growth and to delay/reduce the onset of insect transmitted diseases.

CAN‐ECO mulches are made from materials, which are certified as compostable plastics according to international standards incl.US ASTM D6400 and European EN 13432 ( CAN‐ECO mulches have demonstrated also to break down in soil under field conditions within less than one year,leaving no harmful residues. Therefore it is expected that they will meet the criteria of the forthcoming new ASTM standard (Work Item 29802) for certification as biodegradable mulch.



 Our film is designed to last one full crop season under normal weather conditions provided proper handling

Disking and ploughing under of the mulch at the end of the season triggers its decomposing in soil.

Anaerobic digestion by natural soil bacteria of our mulch leaves only carbon dioxide, water and biomass behind; the latter contributes to the nutrient content of the cropland.

Digestion times depend on soil and weather conditions as well as the agrochemical used during a season. Field data indicate complete digestion within 90 days in warm and humid climates (FL, GA) and 180 days in colder and drier climates (NC, CA).


Save 100‐ 200 $ removal and disposal costs per acre compared to traditional mulches.

Unlike oxo‐biodegradable mulch films, there is no risk of long‐term deterioration of soil quality due to the buildup of non‐degraded, invisible plastic film fragments.



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