ADVASEAL® HSM These are herbicide releasing mulches providing highly efficacious control of broadleaves and sedges, simple application features and exceptional user safety.

ADVASEAL HSM delivers the herbicide, HaloSulfuron-Methyl (HSM), in a controlled manner for an efficient nutsedge control pre-plant in asparagus, cucumbers, cantaloupes, melons, pumpkins, squash and tomatoes production.

ADVASEAL® HSM is registered by US-EPA and the first representative of revolutionary crop protection mulches capable to substitute fumigants in pre-plant soil sanitation.



Available in thicknesses, widths, and colors in compliance

  with its pesticide label

Safe to handle, also in transport & storage

Easy application; herbicide release starts only after the film

  is applied on moist soil

Complete herbicide release within 7 days

Puncture, tear resistant and durable film

Removal /disposal same as regular mulches


Benefits (verified in Fields Trials):

 Crops grown with ADVASEAL HSM are significantly larger

   in diameter

•  Result in more and heavier harvested fruits (melons)

•  Allow to reduce fumigant rates for nutsedge control, earlier

   transplanting and higher crop yields.

Eliminates working steps/costs associated with the preparation

   and application of herbicide spray mixtures


         NOTE: The ADVASEAL HSM pesticide label is your guide for safe and effective use and
                      has to be read and understood before application of ADVASEAL HSM

                                             DOWNLOAD ADVASEAL HSM PESTICIDE LABEL


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